class Ecma\Intl
constant ICU_VERSION

The current ICU library version.


The current Unicode version number.

static defaultLocale Ecma\Intl\Locale

Returns the currently configured default locale as an Ecma\Intl\Locale instance.

The default locale is the value set using the INI property ecma_intl.default_locale. If this property is not set or does not validate as a supported locale for this implementation, this falls back to the default locale determined by the ICU library. If that fails to find a default locale (unlikely), the default locale falls back to "en".

The return value is always a new object instance, even if the default locale does not change. This means: Intl::defaultLocale() !== Intl::defaultLocale().


This static method is not defined by ECMA-402.

static getCanonicalLocales($locales) string[]

Returns an array of canonical locale names for the input locale(s).

  • $locales (iterable<Stringable|string> | Stringable | string | null) – One or more locales to canonicalize.

static supportedValuesOf($category) string[]

Returns an array containing the calendar, collation, currency, numbering system, or unit values supported by this implementation.